Here’s what people are saying about Big Picture Parents:

“When I first became a parent, I was overwhelmed by all the advice, articles, routines, blogs and down right commercialism that preys on a new parent’s fears. ‘Big Picture Parents’ is the antidote to ALL of that.

Beginning by reassuring parents that we will indeed not scar our children for life if we make a mistake, it goes on to assure us we will make mistakes, because we live in a fallen world. Teaching our children forgiveness and grace in this fallen world, along with our other Christian heritage and values is more important than all the other sleep/feeding/education decisions we make for our children everyday.

As we anticipate the birth of our second child, literally any day now, I am excited to face this new crazy time with peace and contentment knowing my real priorities and that God is in control.”


“Thank you for writing this book!! I read this months ago but its message has stayed clearly with me, encouraging me and spurring me on to keep a godly perspective in my role as a parent.

This book has helped me step back, relax in God’s provision, and focus and put more energy in what really matters. I absolutely LOVE how the author went about writing this book too – going systematically through the Bible from beginning to end to find it’s teaching, wisdom and focus on the topic of parenting. ”


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