“All we want is for our children to be happy” is the absolute unchallenged axiom of our time. But what if, ironically, by chasing this elusive goal we are making, not just our children, but ourselves less happy? This book gives parents a wise framework for understanding our children, ourselves, and our world. In doing so, not only will the parent be happier, but so also will be the child.”

Rev. Dr Sam Chan, national communicator for City Bible Forum in Australia. Sam is a public speaker, medical doctor, theologian, and author of Preaching as the Word of God.

“I wish this book had been written for me to read when I first became a mother almost thirty years ago. Big Picture Parents is a thoroughly readable, wise, and encouraging book. It provides a helpful biblical framework and a fresh way of thinking about being a parent. I will be giving it to any new parent or ‘about-to-become’ parent to help them as they make the enormous change from ‘Before Children’ to ‘After Delivery’. This book will be a blessing to all parents.”

Sarah Condie, Co-Director of the Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute, Sydney, Australia and experienced women’s pastor.

“Parenting is one of those extremely important tasks that really should require a trial run. But by its very nature parents cannot have a trial run. Perhaps the best they can do is to get the whole task of parenting into perspective. Big Picture Parents is extremely useful for developing an overall perspective that will position parents in the best place to nurture their children. It is to be highly commended”.

Michael Hill, former vice-principal and lecturer in Ethics at Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia and author of The Heart of Marriage and The How and Why of Love.

“This is a refreshing book, written with humour and grace. It is full of biblical wisdom and its practical outworkings, for all kinds of families.”

Dr Kirsten Birkett, Latimer Research Fellow, Oak Hill College, UK. Her many publications include Resilience – A Spiritual Project and The Essence of Family.

“A timely book for today’s culture, Big Picture Parents is a life-line for parents drowning in information overload. In a society that constantly twists the values, roles, and priorities of parents, Harriet Connor guides our feet to the solid ground of God’s Word. She masterfully uses Scripture to lay an unshakable foundation for building an eternal parenting philosophy. If your head is spinning in self-doubt, take a step back and let this valuable resource renew your perspective.”

Sara Wallace, The Gospel-Centered Mom

Big Picture Parents is a welcome addition to the pantheon of parenting wisdom. Rather than taking us down the ‘practical’ burrow, Harriet Connor lifts our eyes to the big picture of parenting: what God’s purposes are for people, parents and families and how that picture ought to shape our parenting convictions and practices. I am an unashamedly ‘big picture’ person and this book warmed my heart!”

Lesley Ramsay, Bible teacher, grandmother, author of A Taste for Life, and co-author of What Women Really Need.

“What I really like about Harriet Connor’s Big Picture Parents is that she takes you to the Bible to see God’s plan for men and women living in a world broken by sin. We read of the struggles and challenges God’s people face as they seek to live for him, we learn how to care for our families without guilt or fear, and we learn how to pass on the knowledge of God in many ways.”

Christine Jensen OAM, former President of Mothers’ Union, Sydney and longtime mentor to women in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia.

“Harriet Connor writes with refreshing honesty about some of the anxieties and frustrations of modern parenting. Big Picture Parents is sprinkled with helpful, true-life anecdotes to illustrate key points. As well as writing about the meaning of unconditional love for children and about the limits of parenting, she writes wisely about a parent’s key role: this is not to just steer children towards physical maturity but to also guide them towards moral maturity.”

Professor Kim Oates AM, paediatrician, Emeritus Professor, Sydney University Medical School, and author of 20 Tips for Parents – the realistic parent’s guide to understanding and shaping your child’s behaviour.