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Welcome to my website!

I am an Australian, a Christian, a linguist, a wife, and a mother. I write about modern parenthood and the Bible. Here’s the story of how that came to be:

I was born in London, but grew up in the leafy suburbs of Sydney, Australia, with my parents and younger sister.

After school, I completed a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in Spanish and German. This included an unforgettable year of study in Europe. Learning and speaking other languages is still one of my favourite things to do.

Having become a Christian at a young age (independently of my family), I decided to deepen my knowledge of God and the Bible by completing a Master of Divinity at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. During that time I met and married my husband, Daniel.

After college, we moved to the Central Coast of New South Wales, where my husband has had various roles as an Anglican church leader and chaplain. I have been involved in church life – pastoring and teaching – in both a paid and voluntary capacity.

The arrival of our three sons has thrown our lives into a beautiful kind of chaos. It has also confronted us with some searching questions about our life and faith.

In 2013, I was feeling overwhelmed by feelings of fear, guilt, and confusion about my role as a parent. In my desperation, I decided to re-read the whole Bible from start to finish to find out what it had to say to parents like me. I went looking for little pieces of grandmotherly advice, but I found something much greater. I found a grand, timeless vision – a “big picture” – that has made sense of both life and parenthood.

My personal quest eventually gave birth to a book, Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life.