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“I generally dislike parenting books as a genre – they usually leave me with the feeling that if I don’t implement their particular technique, I will break my kid.  Not so with this book. Big Picture Parents lifted my eyes to the big story of God and how he is at work in the world.  My story and that of my little family are enfolded in something much bigger.  That is the rock on which I can anchor my parenting.  I just ordered another 5 copies to give to friends.”


“I found the book most helpful and timely.  Having a big picture of parenting is essential, especially in this day of social media where conflicting and contrary voices compete so personally and pervasively.  As a parent – and I imagine especially a young parent – one can become so confused about so many things that challenge, degrade and obscure the big picture.
So far I think I have ordered four copies – with more to come!”

–Robyn Buchanan

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Should I give ‘Big Picture Parents’ to a friend?

The Equip Women Book Club thinks so!

Big Picture Parents would make a great gift for the different people in your life: someone who’s about to have a baby; someone who’s been coming to your church for a while; someone who is a parent and didn’t grow up in a Christian family themselves; someone from a cultural background where parenting is driven by guilt, fear and shame.”

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Review of ‘Big Picture Parents’ by the Equip Women Book Club (Part I)

Harriet Connor’s Big Picture Parents is like a breath of fresh air in a world filled with blogs, lists of top tips and Instagram pictures of everyone else’s perfect family. Sometimes it’s all a bit overwhelming and you need to step back and see the big picture.”

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Interview with Hope 103.2

No More Mummy Guilt: Ancient Wisdom that Makes Parents More Peaceful

Interview with Focus on the Family Australia

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Interview with ‘Some Answers’ Podcast

Episode Eighty Eight – Harriet Connor

Review of ‘Big Picture Parents’ on Meet Jesus at Uni

“In a noisy world of conflicting theories and judgements about parenting, reading this was like taking a moment to breathe. Connor builds a foundation for parenting rather than telling you how to parent.”

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How to “Childproof” Your Marriage: Tips from a Relationship Therapist

Andrew G. Marshall has spent almost thirty years helping couples to overcome their marriage difficulties. Most of the misery he encounters can be traced back to one single issue: how to stop your children from ruining your marriage.

He writes:

“Although bringing up the next generation is possibly the most fulfilling and life-affirming thing anyone can do, babies and small children do seem to have a mission to destroy everything they come into contact with, from your clothes and furniture to your nerves, sex life and sometimes even your marriage … in the hurly-burly of bringing up a family … you drop down each other’s list of priorities until one or other of you complains: ‘You always put me last’” (p 5-6).

Marshall has distilled his insights into a book, called I Love You But You Always Put Me Last: How to Childproof Your Marriage (Macmillan, London, 2013). The book is full of diagnostic quizzes, real-life examples, and practical tips to help you build a stronger marriage during the child-raising years. And with one in three Australian marriages currently ending in divorce, we would do well to pay attention.

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Interview with Vision Christian Radio

You can listen to me speaking on Vision Christian Radio here:

Review of ‘Big Picture Parents’ on The Gospel Coalition Australia


“What the world needs now is another book on parenting. Right?

Another book with a list of what to do, and what not to do. Some new system of time-out or positive reinforcement. Some social media strategies for teenagers and sleeping schedules for babies. And, for good measure, a chapter on all the ways you’re failing, and why your children will grow up to be monsters.

Hmm, maybe not.

But what we could use (what people hardly ever think about, let alone write books about) is an accessible explanation of what the whole parenting caper is for.”

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‘Big Picture Parents’ Shortlisted


I am excited to announce that my book, Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life, has been shortlisted for the 2017 Australian Christian Book of the Year Award. Winners will be announced on August 17th.

You can see the full shortlist here.

My book offers modern parents the opportunity to step back from all the parenting “shoulds and shouldn’ts” and reflect on the bigger questions of what being a parent is all about.

Read more about the book here.

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